Pay Per Click Online Marketing Approach

Pay Per Click is basically an online advertising model for Internet based advertising. In this model, an advertiser pays the publisher of a website every time their advertisement is clicked. This is done in order to attract the right type of target customer and reward the publisher for displaying the given advertisement.
Commonly enough, search engines are known to display the pay per click ads whenever appropriate search keywords are entered, thus these advertisements are also referred to as Sponsored ads or Sponsored links. It also opens avenues of online business by providing purchase access to potential customers thus generating financial output via Internet advertising serving both the customers and the advertiser’s.

It functions on the affiliate model where the advertiser pays the publisher only if revenues are generated and presents no loss to the advertiser or publisher if no revenues are generated. Moreover an advertiser offer incentives to publishers and therefore is an example of pay-per-performance model. The dominant players in the PPC advertising are the Yahoo! Search marketing, Microsoft Ad Center, and Google Ad Words.

This amount can be negotiated based on various factors such as duration of contract, type of ad, and special requirements of the advertiser if any. Whereas in the bid based system, the advertisers can bid the amount in case of same keywords used by different advertisers and the highest bidder gets the slot.

This is common for search engine based advertisements. You are looking for PPC Management services on ppc and when new PPC Campaign management launching then campaign following these rules such as research business goal, implementation, optimization, keyword research etc.